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Attuned to Life Learning Journey

Feng Shui, Harmonization & Human Design Workshops educates about Self-Development within the various systems currently available, offering the tools to support a rapid understanding and integration dynamic of new mindsets.

We teach about:

- The Spiritual structures

- The Consciousness, Mind & Body dynamics

- The perceptions on Life though own experience

- The blockages that can occur through Life's event

- How to read someone energy structure

- How to combine it with the right tools & direction healing support

- Advising long term, becoming the Teacher & the Student...

Feng Shui, Harmonization & Human Design Workshops

Content Preview

Self-Development Program

Session 1: First steps of personal development
Session 2: What makes you grow?
Session 3: What stops you from growing?
Session 4: A deep understanding of the mind

Wisdom Program

Session 1: Wisdom in culture & history
Session 2: Humanism values & the purpose of wisdom
Session 3: Mature thoughts
Session 4: How to integrate wisdom?
Session 5: The practice of wisdom in daily life

Human Design Program

Level 1:
Session 1: Self reading
Session 2: Giving a reading
Session 3: Combining astrology
Session 4: Soul journey

Level 2:
Session 5: Perceptions
Session 6: Life's events
Session 7: Spiritual blockages, emotional body wounds, physical impacts on health

Level 3:
Session 8: Consciousness, the Mind, the Spirit, the source
Session 9: Soul family members & branches
Session 10: Understanding the structure & find the correlating points based on energetic profile
Session 11: The system of polarities & belief systems

Level 4:
Session 12: Advising & supporting long term
Session 13: The teacher & the student relation
Mental Health Program

Session 1: Spirituality
Session 2: Psychology
Session 3: Nervous system & traumas

Session 4: Holistic health
Session 5: The soul, the mind & the body
Session 6: Health care & hygiene

Session 7: Mental care
Session 8: Daily habits
Session 9: Self-development

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