Educative Workshops

Attuned to Life Learning Journey

We educate about mindsets, entrepreneurship & self-development, supporting the future changemakers to be ready with the right tools, knowledge & way of thinking that unlock their true potential & confidence.

We design tailor-made educational programs, aligned with your community needs, while delivering sustainable mindset & understandings.

A Series of Online Sessions with Experts

For every program & topic, we invite the finest fields-experts to become "the wise teacher", to share their acquired knowledge from their own Life-long learning journey & experiences, aiming to give your students the most accurate & valuable insights.

Engage and pioneer with us to encourage the wisest to speak their true stories and to support the next generation to be better equipped than the previous one.

Workshops Programs

Self-Development Program

Session 1: First steps of personal development
Session 2: What makes you grow?
Session 3: What stops you from growing?
Session 4: A deep understanding of the mind

Entrepreneurship Mindset Program

Session 1: From vision to project
Session 2: The problem & the solutions
Session 3: The entrepreneurship mindset
Session 4: How to grasp & map an industry?

Session 5: Learn market research
Session 6: Circular economy & business model
Session 7: Context analysis for change implementation
Session 8: Test your innovation to market

Session 9: Multicultural mindset interaction & perception
Session 10: Think global & act local
Session 11: Understanding the right marketing approach

Session 12: Start-up tools & investments
Session 13: Pitch deck design
Session 14: How to speak in public & impact using your authenticity?

Session 15: Practice your understanding
Session 16: What is manifestation?

Sustainable Mindset Program

Session 1: What is sustainability entrepreneurship?
Session 2: What are the SDGs & ESG and how to work with it?
Session 3: What is social inclusion & why it matters?
Session 4: Circular business models & innovation

Session 5: How does the sustainable industry look like?
Food waste, Sustainable fashion, Social impact, Health, Agriculture, Agroforestry & the potential of bamboo, Eco-tourism & meaningful travel, Sustainable education, Technology at the service of sustainable development.
Human Culture Program

Session 1: What is humanism?
Session 2: Ethnicities
Session 3: What makes a culture grow?

Session 4: What is a hybrid culture?
Session 5: Multi culture history & its global perceptions outcome
Session 6: The value of embedding multiple culture mindsets

Session 7: The current society structure
Session 8: The challenge of ignorance
Session 9: Understand collaboration between cultures

Feminism Program

Session 1: Its history
Session 2: Why feminism is humanism
Session 3: Societal structures & its hierarchical relationships

Session 4: The concept of beauty
Session 5: Sexism, sexuality & respect
Session 6: The gender definition

Session 7: Social & service design tools to educate & support the implementation of change

Wisdom Program

Session 1: Wisdom in culture & history
Session 2: Humanism values & the purpose of wisdom
Session 3: Mature thoughts
Session 4: How to integrate wisdom?
Session 5: The practice of wisdom in daily life

Women Leadership Program

Session 1: The history, the facts
Session 2: Why women as leaders are essential to our future

Session 3: The symptom of fast fashion
Session 4: Show to shift towards sustainable fashion?

Session 5: Women leaders in the industries
Government, Capital & investment, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Tech, Media & marketing, Sustainable fashion, Food waste, Agriculture, Eco-tourism, Education, Social impact, Health, STEM, Literature, Art, Science.

Session 6: Leadership styles & methodologies
Session 7: Team building & management
Session 8: How to speak in public to impact?
Eco-Tourism Program

Session 1: The impact of tourism until now
Session 2: The current state of the tourism industry
Session 3: What is eco-tourism, meaningful travel & social impact tourism?

Session 4: Sustainability mindset & entrepreneurship
Session 5: What are the SDGs & ESG and how to work with it?
Session 6: What is social inclusion & why it matters?

Session 7: Circular business models & innovative initiatives
Session 8: The potential of merging industries to create the new
Session 9: How does the eco-tourism industry look like?
Social impact, Well-being, Agriculture, Agroforestry & the potential of bamboo, Education, Eco-hotels.

Spiritual Development Program

Session 1: Cosmos
Session 2: Quantum physics
Session 3: Multi dimensions
Session 4: Space & time

Session 5: Astrology
Session 6: Human Design
Session 7: Spirituality in culture & history

Session 8: Consciousness
Session 9: The mind
Session 10: The spirit
Session 11: The polarities of belief systems
Mental Health Program

Session 1: Spirituality
Session 2: Psychology
Session 3: Nervous system & traumas

Session 4: Holistic health
Session 5: The soul, the mind & the body
Session 6: Health care & hygiene

Session 7: Mental care
Session 8: Daily habits
Session 9: Self-development

Consciousness Around Technology Program

Session 1: History & purpose
Session 2: Responsibility & ethics

Session 3: Internet
History & global development, Internet in the different world regions.
Session 4: Tech trend sectors overview
IT & ICT, FinTech, AI & Data science, Game industry, Virtual reality, Web 3.0 & the metaverse.

Session 5: Impact on human health & the planet
Session 6: Social media & addictions
Session 7: Data, privacy violation, security & safety

Session 8: Overflow of information & disinformation
Session 9: Conscience around use & daily habits
Session 10: A tool for self-development

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