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The 360° Business Consulting Sessions held by Suzanne, head of operations at Yun Consultancy, are a series of x3 60mn sessions of business teaching, advising & guidance based on her extensive experiences in many fields, cultures & environments.

“Being able to see quickly where your project, service or company needs support, along with finding what are the lack & hidden potential developments, is a gift I want to share & make accessible.”

Guiding you in your unique business creation journey, no matter your background, project scale, budget, or context; she designed the 360° fits-to-all service meant to give you the clarity & advises required to reach your goals.

Suzanne is one of a kind with a unique Life’s path‭.

She started working at the age of 15, and by the age of 43‭, ‬she crossed over 15‭ ‬different professional fields & interacted with more than 13‭ ‬cultures‭.‬

Business Consulting

Service introduction process for:

  • Your Services & Budget
  • Your Branding Development
  • Your Business Model
  • Your Sales Strategy

45mn - Free

Circumstances Analysis

1st 60mn includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Services Purpose & Definition
  • Finances & Projections
  • Branding Identity

60mn - $60

Service Analysis

2nd 60mn includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Target Groups
  • Social Medias & Content
  • Customer Journey

60mn - $60

Sale Strategy Analysis

3rd 60mn includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Potential Partnerships R&D
  • Competitors Research
  • Sales Strategies

60mn - $60

After the 360° sessions, you will get & know about:

1. The big picture on your business status
2. A digital structure to keep you on track
3. Where you are at in your process development
4. What is not aligned, from your business model to service fee, target groups & marketing strategies
5. What is your future business & services potentials
6. What could/should be improved & which are the stepping stones to plan in order to reach your short/long-terms goals

You'll then be able to decide how you want to gradually upgrade your project, on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs, available resources & time capacity.

Following up Business Consultations fee stays at $60/h.

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Clients Cases & Feedbacks

Simple & Effective

We lead the change you need

Case: Career transformation from 15 years as Psychology Therapist to Holistic Pole Dance Teacher
Outcome: After 1 month of the activity launch, Serendipity already has 7 students subscriptions a year.

“From the 1st session, the work proposed by the questionnaire finely developed by Yun Consultancy allowed me to measure the possibilities of my project.

The following 2 sessions were decisive for building effective areas of work, as they focused on the essential points to reflect on, explore and implement.

Yun Consultancy has this unique ability to adjust as closely as possible to our activity projection, to respect the state of mind that we wish to foster. As well as knowing how to produce visuals and documents of great strength in terms of communication to the target audience.”

Case: Well-Being Massage Institute in need of branding realignment & communication
Outcome: From 3 weeks of process with 360°, the activity already attracts new & rights customers.

Only a few weeks after starting our collaboration, my clientele was already growing.

The energy that Suzanne generates instills a new dynamic that has allowed me to thrive. Having demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities allows, in the eyes of my clients, to have a look of confidence and professionalism.

This greatly reassures them and results in regular loyalty and the development of significant “word of mouth”.”

Case: New retail store business set-up advising & branding development
Outcome: 360° helped the client to save 2 years of learning process time & money from wrong decision-making.
"Suzanne provided me with informed advice and in-depth expertise regarding the steps to take from the beginning to the end of this new project. Her human approach is unique and authentic. A tailor-made working method, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to her field experience and advices, it saved me much time on course of action to take in order to optimize my future online business. Very appreciable, especially when you are a novice. Thank you, Suzanne! I highly recommend Yun Consultancy before undertaking a business creation project."

Partners Services

  • Data Science
    From Database creation to in dept Market Analysis, the goal is to increase and support your success by helping you find your niche with a certain focus.
  • Marketing
    • Our Marketing Agencies provide you the necessary resources to set your brand in alignment with your region, and target groups.

    • Out-sourced Social Medias Management & content creation as key to stay focused on serving quality to your clients.
  • Graphics & Website Design
    • From Logo, Print & Company Documents to Social Media Content creation, our team can create all the package necessary reflecting your professionalism.

    • Simple & fast website delivery as a key to set your business & be ready to engage with clients.
  • Training Design
    • Training Design for your team, or customers can be set as online or offline Workshops.

    • Full Educational Programs can be created & combined with our IT capacity to design & implement your internal/external e-learning platform.
  • Staff Coaching
    In today's competitive business world, empowering staff and fostering their self-development is crucial to a company's success.

    By investing in your employees' growth and well-being, organizations can unlock their full potential and drive exceptional results.
  • IT Consulting
    • CaaS: Supporting the development of your IT Management, Planning & Audit.

    • SaaS: Software development for Business Processes: Marketing, Sales, Service, Management Systems.

    • DaaS: Software development Engineers in Test, Mobile, Web, Desktop, Apps.
  • Sourcing
    • From Sustainable Fashion Garment, Yoga Wear & K-Pop Caps, to Lifestyle, Spiritual & Bamboo products, we have collected an extended network of high-end quality products & verified factories.

    • Sourcing Educational Trip can be ordered to our Tailor-made Travel Journey Service in China & Bali.
  • Eco-Tourism
    We create Travel Journeys that integrate Self-Development, Cultural Education, and Spiritual Development, while also promoting investment in local Sustainable Development.

    Tailor-made tours are available in Indonesia, China & Egypt.
  • Chinese Culture Tour
    From the Foundation of Daoism to Future-Tech implemented in society, while having the most fun adventure & spicy delicious food, a transformative, eye-opening & unique educative experience is turning to be the game-changer of your career.

    Tailor-made Educative Journeys based on your budget, professional needs & interest.
  • Service Design
    From adjusting & extending your current service to design a new service from scratch, we co-create based on your context & available resources.
  • Proposal Design
    From Startup Pitch Deck, Hotel Interior Renovation to PPT Project Presentation, we make consistent & relevant proposal, supporting you to secure new clients.
  • Network Design
    Meant to increase your company development, we help you with the selection and reach to strategic partnerships.

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