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Head of operations at Yun Consultancy, Suzanne design in 2023 the 360° Business Consulting Service, a series of 1:1 sessions for business circumstances analysis, teaching, advising & guidance based on her extensive experiences in multiple fields, cultures & environments.

“Being able to see quickly where your project, service or company needs support,

along with finding what are the lack & the hidden potential developments,

is a gift I want to share & make accessible.”

Guiding you in your unique business creation journey, no matter your background, project scale, budget, or context; 360° is a fits-to-all service meant to give you the clarity & advises required to accelerate the reach of your goals, aiming to make you ready for scale-up.

Having a unique life journey, Suzanne started working at the age of 15, reaching 44, she has experience in 21 different professional fields and has interacted with more than 13 cultures.

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Process overview:

  • Your Services & Budget
  • Your Branding Development
  • Your Business Model
  • Your Sales Strategy

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Circumstances Analysis

Week 1 includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Services Purpose & Definition
  • Finances & Projections
  • Branding Identity

60mn - $60 Free

Service Analysis

Week 2 includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Target Groups
  • Social Medias & Content
  • Customer Journey

60mn - $60 Free

Sale Strategy Analysis

Week 3 includes Guidance & Homework on your:

  • Potential Partnerships R&D
  • Competitors Research
  • Sales Strategies

60mn - $60 Free

After 1 month, you will get & know about:

1. The big picture on your business status
2. A digital structure to keep you on track
3. Where you are at in your process development
4. What is not aligned, from your business model to service fee, target groups & marketing strategies
5. What is the future potential of your business & services
6. What could/should be improved and which are the steps to reach your short/long-terms goals
7. And how to be ready to scale-up

You'll then be able to decide how you want to gradually upgrade your project.
On a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs, available resources & time capacity.
B2B Scale-Up Subscription

Sales Activation:

  • Finding the right clients
  • Getting exposure
  • Validated Lead generation
  • Explore new horizons

Monthly Subscription 60mn - $120

Bi-Monthly Subscription 90mn - $180

Quarterly Subscription 120mn - $240

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Partners Services

  • Data Science
    • From Database creation to in dept Market Analysis, the goal is to increase & support your success by helping you find your niche with a certain focus.

    • Data Cleaning to handle missing values & inconsistencies. Transforming Raw Data into a structured format suitable for analysis. Perform Exploratory Data Analysis to identify patterns, trends, & anomalies.

    • Visual representations, Reports to support data-driven decision-making.
  • Marketing
    • Our Marketing Agencies provide you the necessary resources to set your brand in alignment with your region, and target groups.

    • Community & Social Medias Managements with strategy to support your exposure & access to new audience.

    • Marketing Advising consultation with Global Expert.
  • Graphics & Web Design
    • From Logo, Print & Company Documents to Social Media Content creation, our team can create all the package necessary reflecting your professionalism.

    • From E-Commerce websites design including Shopify setup to simple & fast website delivery as a key to set your business & be ready to engage with clients.
  • Training Design
    • Training Design for your team, or customers can be set as online or offline Workshops.

    • Full Educational Programs can be created & combined with our IT capacity to design & implement your internal/external e-learning platform.

    • Based on your cultural context, we design Sustainable Development Education within a set of Extra Curriculum Activities.
  • Service Design
    • From adjusting & extending your current service to design a new service from scratch, we co-create based on your context & available resources.

    • Based on projection & analysis, we transform your current service onto a B2B Subscription Service Model, establishing a better cash flow stability & preparing your company for high growth.

    • We do Research & Design solutions to include Social Impact within your current service.
  • IT Consulting
    • CaaS: Supporting the development of your IT Management, Planning & Audit.

    • SaaS: Software development for Business Processes: Marketing, Sales, Service, Management Systems.

    • DaaS: Software development Engineers in Test, Mobile, Web, Desktop, Apps.
  • Digital Transformation
    • From old school to new school, we adjust & upgrade your company with a Digital Transformation augmenting your growth capacity, routines & customer experience.

    • We design & implement tailor made Digital Structures to simplify & accelerate your internal & external processes.
  • Customer Experience
    • With the aim to constantly improve the interaction with your customers, our Customer Experience Optimization service helps you to have a better understanding of your customers, while keeping a positive experience.

    • Making your service inclusive & accessible to all, brining the light on your customer's potential diversity.
  • Team Building & HR
    • From creating unique & memorable Team Building Experiences to providing Personal Development tools, we support your teams in being stronger together.

    • Our HR Expert Partner supports you with all HR Operations a company need in one tool. Identifying, assessing & recruiting the best candidates, leading you to manage your HR administration with ease.
  • B2B Sales
    • Together, we strategize & guide your company to be ready to receive high flow of customers. Setting up the right CRM tools leading to high exposure & B2B sales activation, so you can enjoy your scale-up journey.

    • Explore the potential of your growth through Niche Markets, Region & Industry R&D.
  • Proposal Design
    • From Startup Pitch Deck, Company Profile to PPT Project Presentation, we make consistent & relevant proposal, supporting you to secure new clients.

    • Advising & guidance, leading you to get the right understanding & key content for your Pitch Deck to increase its success rate.
  • Events & Network Design
    • Meant to increase your company development, we help you with the selection and reach to strategic partnerships.

    • Brand Activation Events, our expert can provide you with the full organization & management of events, online & offline.
  • Sourcing
    • From Sustainable Fashion Garment, Yoga Wear & K-Pop Caps, to Lifestyle, Spiritual & Bamboo products, we have collected an extended network of high-end quality products & verified factories.

    • Sourcing Educational Trip can be ordered to our Tailor-made Travel Journey Service in China & Indonesia.
  • Eco-Tourism
    We create Travel Journeys that integrate Self-Development, Cultural Education, and Spiritual Development, while also promoting investment in local Sustainable Development.

    Tailor-made tours are available in Indonesia, China & Egypt.
  • Chinese Culture Tour
    From the Foundation of Daoism to Future-Tech implemented in society, while having the most fun adventure & spicy delicious food, a transformative, eye-opening & unique educative experience is turning to be the game-changer of your career.

    Tailor-made Educative Journeys based on your budget, professional needs & interest.
  • Accounting, Legal & TM
    • Helping companies, from implementation to scale up, with Advising Accounting to be established in Sweden & Indonesia.

    • Advising Consulting Service on Global Corporate Law & Corporate Governance.

    • Trademarks Support & Registration in EU, Global & China
  • CSR Implementation
    • Guiding with the most effective process & legal framework to implement your CSR.

    • Bridging CSR dpt to Authentic Sustainable Development actors & impact driven Foundations to support them while delivering your Social Responsibility.
  • SDGs Standard
    • Establishing the Sustainability Development communication to your audience.

    • Ethical & Inclusivity integration to your Service & Company to increase its accessibility and meet the unique needs of individuals and community expectations.

Some of our Clients

Invest Islands Foundation
WNT, Lombok, Indonesia
  • Invest Islands CSR Projects Development Management
  • Community Education R&D
  • Sustainable Tourism R&D
  • Structure Design
Anantara Hotel 5*
Bali, Indonesia
  • Renovation Project Planning
  • Art Direction Proposal Design. Project Won.
Manalia Institute
France, Well-Being Spa,
Enterprise & Education
  • Rebranding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
Huawei ICT Academy
Sweden, CSR Program
  • Partnerships Development
ChinaHow Club
Hong Kong
Chinese eCommerce & TMall Platform Education for Westerns Brands CEO's
  • Affiliate Partner Sweden
  • Business R&D
Shanghai World AI Conference
  • Implementation of the 1rst Online Edition of WAIC
  • Global PR Project Team Lead
  • Sale Team Lead
Xi Wu Men Schools
China & Sweden, Shaolin & Traditional Chinese Qigong Martial Art Education
  • Western Social Media Strategy Development & Management
Australia, Social Impact Fashion Brand
  • Project Planning
  • Team Evaluation
  • Education to Branding R&D
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Wholesale R&D
  • Production Sourcing in China
Serendipity Art Pole
France, Holistic Dance Studio
  • Business Plan
  • Strategy Marketing
  • Branding Development
Speak 2 Impact
UK, London, Susie Ashfield's Art of Public Speaking Academy
  • Branding Marketing Strategy
  • Educational Platform Development
Sinofy Group
Shanghai, China
Cross-Border Tech PR Agency
  • Partner Sweden
  • Chief Consulting Officer
  • Services Structure, Scale-ups & Developments
Digital Citizens Agency
UAE, Media Marketing Agency
  • Partner, Sweden & Egypt
  • Proposal Design related to Saudi Arabia SDGs Governmental Communication Project
Moon Ark Clothing
India & France
Upcycle Streetwear Brand Retail
  • Project Structure & Planning
  • Branding Development
  • Ecommerce setup

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