A New Generation of Education

What is a Vision?
A sequence of events in someone's Life taking meaning over time for a specific destined purpose...
UDC is a tailor-made education focusing on teaching Mindsets through Self-Development and Life experiences. Providing Workshops to support Communities development based on their world's regions contexts and needs, UDC leads the creation of a global Ecosystem of Educators, Experts, Communities, and Networks with the common goal of implementing Sustainable Education.

-UDC = "L'Université du Ciel"

-"The University of the Sky"

Wrong Mindset settings is like the disease stopping us from the Change that needs to take place...
Reality is shifting, and the school system is still focusing on answering the industrialization era and needs. Times has changed and the urgent need to head towards a better balanced vision of the future is possible. Only the integration and education of "Change" is a realistic solution, as "Change" has always been the only constant of our reality. The necessity of knowing flexibility, openness, creativity, imagination, entrepreneurship, and collaboration embedded within the holistic understanding of what really is sustainability leads us to grasp the only goal there is: help one another to grow.

What is it really?
A system putting the Lights on our Shadows in order to support our collective consciousness growth...
UDC serves this direction as the Sustainable Education meant to support Life-long learners from all horizons, providing them what they need in order to grow. UDC acts as the content provider and reference supporting the teaching of Life.

But How?
Everything is only a series of wording, thoughts leading to concepts. Which ones can be set and articulated in any manner to design a wanted outcome…
Based on Research, we map Community needs and create the necessary Ecosystem of Educators and Experts and design a unique solution with relevant qualitative educational content. The UDC educative holistic approach uses the techniques of Micro and Macro-Learning, Self-Learning and Experience Learning, together with Tailor-Made workshops, we support the education integration.

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