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"Grow your Sustainable Mindset"

A Unique Educational Journey in Indonesia

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If you don't find your answers in the Q&A bellow, feel free to contact Suzanne, the designer & organiser behind this program, over WeChat, WhatsApp or email

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What does this package includes?
22 Workshops:

Access to UDC library: 6 eBooks, research papers & books list

Conversation with international renown speakers, local & global experts

22 Experiences:

Sustainable local initiatives investment opportunities

Eco real estate investment opportunities

English & Chinese speaking tour guide

Transportation & entrance fee


• 10 weeks at Premier Suite at Hotel ***** Visesa, Ubud, Bali:

Incl. breakfast, access to gym, co-working space, pool

Spa & Cave Spa-fee not included in package

• 2 weeks in Lombok Island: Incl. Hotel with breakfast & boat transportation from Bali

Travel assistance:

• Visa B211A 2 months

• Travel to Indonesia info PDF:

List of convenient APP to use in Indonesia

Culture: "do and don't"

Internet package & phone declaration "how to"


What this package does not includes?



• Flight & taxi to hotel: Book reimbursable flights in case of covid-19 breakout or any other cancellation reason

• Travel health insurance: -Must be provided

• Visa 1 month: Cost is $32, bought on arrival at the airport

• Visa extension +4 months: Available upon request at arrival

• Lunch & dinner

• Car, scooter rental


Is the food cost included?

The food cost is included in some of the activities but not all. Food cost in Indonesia varies from $2 to $50, it's up to you to decide which way you want to go based on your needs and diet, we do not want to impose any standard.
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